Motorsport Tyres

We are one of only 8 Approved Toyo Motorsport tyre Dealers in the UK. Toyo have been involved with British Motorsport at all levels for many years and have used this experience to develop the very best tyres for Motorsport. Here at Mike Stokes Tyres we can provide Toyo tyres to a wide range of vehicles including the Ultra High Performance Proxes R888R – R888 & RXS1 Wet & Dry Slicks.

Toyo Tires have Many Title Sponsorship and Mike Stokes Motorsport are their exclusive approved Motorsport Dealer to supply the ‘Toyo R888R Track Tire’ to these series.

  • Toyo Tires Honda Vtec Challenge
  • Toyo Tires Pre-2005 Production Touring Car Series
  • Toyo Tires Production BMW Championship
  • Toyo Tires Racing Saloons
  • Toyo Tires Production Golf GTI Series

It is our 5th season supplying the ‘Production Golf GTI Series’ where in common with VTEC, Pre-2005, Production BMW & Racing Saloons, the Toyo R888R is the agreed control tyre.

YOKOHAMA supports numerous events with our know-how and tyre technology and are always looking at ways of improving their products. Even with their proven history of high performance race winning tyres they consistently strive to improve their performance, environmental impact and safety features, so that everyone can appreciate YOKOHAMA tyres on and off the road.

Whether its in the World Touring Car Championship(WTCC), endurance racing in Le Mans, European Rally Challenge(ERC), single seater racing in Formula 3 Grand Prix Macau, YOKOHAMA’s ADVAN range can provide winning control tyres for World Championships and International top level motorsport competitions.
YOKOHAMA is also leading the way with their use of orange oil technology in the production of performance tyres, making them more ecological and providing an amazing fuel saving performance in the range of BluEarth and Motorsport tyres.

Yokohama Tyres Mike Stokes Tyres Bournemouth Poole Christchurch Dorset

Yokohama globally are one of the leading tyre manufacturers and are the official suppliers to:

  • FIA World Touring Car Championship (WTCC) – since 2006
  • European Touring Car Cup (ETCC) – since 2005
  • European Rally Challenge (ERC) – since 2013
  • Scandinavian Touring Car Championship (STCC) – since 2010
  • Russian Touring Car Championship (RTCC) – since 2006
  • Chinese Touring Car Championship (CTCC) – since 2010
  • Irish Touring Car Championship (ITCC) – new for 2012
  • International Formula 3 Grand Prix Macau – since 1983
  • ATS German Formula 3 – until 2005 and since 2007
  • BRDC Formula 4 Championship – new for 2013
  • Japanese Formula 3 – since 2011
  • ADAC GT Masters new for 2012